Ballet Fantastique

“In 2009, I moved to the Eugene area from Washington, D.C. to perform and teach with Ballet Fantastique. The company and academy are energetic, inspiring and knowledgeable! I value and respect the way Ballet Fantastique runs their academy. The training is excellent, the students have many performing opportunities, and since the classes are small, they have extensive individual attention.”
—Leanne Mizzoni, professional dancer and teacher, B.F.A., Dance (cum laude), The Hartt School, West Hartford, Connecticut

The Academy of Ballet Fantastique is an elite, boutique ballet training conservatory that utterly defies expectation. Rooted in the great, centuries-old traditions of the Kirov training style, Ballet Fantastique also reimagines the future of dance.

Academy of Ballet Fantastique Professional Division classes bring out the absolute best in every young artist through a specially developed dancer-centered training program including: limited class sizes; mentoring from the professional Ballet Fantastique contemporary chamber company dancers (who hail from around the world); and uncompromising approach to building our students’ clear, confident technique and nuanced artistry. Ballet Fantastique is the newest Resident Company of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts.

The great dancer and teacher Galina Ulanova was famous for saying "Talent is work." We can't sugarcoat it–it's true! Academy of Ballet Fantastique dancers train hard and perform hard–and become the best dancers they can be in the process. We invite you to join our training program and we look forward to working with you!

Ballet Fantastique is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to cultural diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and national/ethnic origin.

Important General Information

The Academy of Ballet Fantastique's Policies have been developed to help create an environment that is safe and nurturing while allowing optimal productivity and focus for both staff and students. Your digital signature verifying your compliance with our policies is logged when you register through our system.


  • New Dancer Folder: For all new students—please request one from your teacher or the front office (office located at 960 Oak)
  • Annual Calendar: Calendar of important dates, holidays and studio closures! Click here for the most up-to-date information
  • Academy of Ballet Fantastique Handbook (and/or Company Handbook, if applicable): For all students (PDF will be emailed to you)
  • Ballet Fantastique Professional Division Program Performance FAQ: For all students (PDF will be emailed to you near performance times)
  • Optional: Ballet Fantastique Information for Parents


What a dancer wears and how he/she presents himself/herself is important. As with any intensive sport, the dance uniform is a required discipline and also allows the teacher to easily see what each student is doing, as well as how the group is moving together. Each class has a specific uniform that the dancers are required to wear. Students at all levels and in all classes must conform to official class attire policy in order to participate in classes and rehearsals.

Click here for full Uniform Guidelines


we need your help!

A nonprofit organization powered by our community, volunteers are essential to the success of Ballet Fantastique—we literally could not do what we do for our students and for our community without the support of volunteers who give their time to support our mission.

BFan's family volunteer discount program!

We understand that, though our tuition prices are very competitive with other professional dance training schools in our state and across the country (and are, in many cases, much lower than those at comparable training schools), families whose dancers are coming in to train several days each week will benefit from tuition assistance. Enter our Family Volunteer Discount Program for dancers in Ballet Brilliante and up! NOTE: Though we do not offer the family volunteer tuition discount to our Young Dancer Program students (who train fewer days/week), your volunteer hours help BFan, too! Please let us know if you’d like to help, too!

the details

During the school year (10 months: September–June), families who have one or more dancers enrolled at level Ballet Brilliante and higher are eligible to receive up to $24/month tuition discount on school year tuition (September–June) for contributing a total of up to 2 volunteer hours per month; and families in our Conservatory Division (Concerto/Demi-Corps/Apprentice) are eligible for a $36/month tuition discount on school year tuition (September–June) for contributing a total of up to 3 volunteer hours per month. Hours can be added up and applied to future months (e.g., you can work 10 hours in September to earn five months of volunteer discount credit!), but need to be "caught up" by the end of each term.

opting out

If you would like to "opt out" of the program, that's fine, too! Please just let us know if you won't have time to be part of the Volunteer Program, and we won't apply the discount to your account. These extra tuition dollars go right back into helping pay for scholarships for less fortunate kids in our school.

how to sign up for projects

Those who do choose to participate in the discount program will receive a monthly volunteer newsletter from our Parent Volunteer Coordinator, Nancy Halseide, updating families on BFan's volunteer needs. Opportunities abound, and include a variety of ways to be involved, from folding brochures, to selling program ads, to picking up costumes from the dry cleaner. During show months, because of these large amount of help needed, a link to a SignupGenius link will be sent. Show months are a great way to stock up on hours.

how to track your hours

Nancy will also send out updates on how to track your hours on the online Google Sheet each month to ensure that you receive discount credit for your work. Hours do need to be recorded before they can be credited. :) Nancy will send a monthly statement of your hours and credit so that you always know where you are in your hours!

Our goal is that this program is an easy, fun way to stay involved and a win-win for families and for our school. Thank you for being part of BFan!